Still on the fence about joining Engineers in Action? Hear first hand from our team how rewarding being apart of our organization can be.

  • Mabel Smith

    This has been one of the best and most transformational experiences of my life. This project has helped me to realize how hard I will have to work to have an impactful and successful career. Before partaking in this project I was feeling very unmotivated to go back to school because I was feeling like I was not getting anything out of my education. It felt like I was studying for good grades and not retaining any important information. After this project I realize how important it is to learn as much as I can from my university education because I will have a lot of responsibility as an engineer, no matter where I end up working. Now I need to start working not only to get good grades but also to learn and become the best engineer I can be. 

    -Mabel Smith, University of Alberta

  • Georgia Dunn

    I was lucky enough to go on three builds with the EIA Bridge Program during my time at the UofA. The first year, I went to Chillcani, Bolivia, and it was one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my life. While we worked everyday to finish the project, we also had the opportunity to get to know the community members and the UofT travel team with whom we traveled, some of which I still keep in contact with today. Two years later, for our 2019 project, we went to the community of Humapirhua and it was in the same municipality as Chillcani. One day on site, the leader of the municipality, the Alcalde, came to meet us and actually recognized me from the 2017 project in Chillcani! He showed me a picture of our group with him at the bridge celebration that he still had in his phone and we spoke for a few minutes about how the community is doing now. This moment alone was incredible, just knowing that you are making an impact large enough that someone will remember you years later, after having only met twice before. The Bridge program is bigger than its members and it creates connections and impacts that will last a lifetime. 

    -Georgia Dunn, Engineer-In-Training, Junior Project Coordinator

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