Meet our Team

Yuelin Qiu - Co-President

Yuelin is going into her 5th year of Civil Engineering and is our Engineers in Action Co-President! She loves being apart of EIA because she is able to use her engineering skills to change lives. During quarantine, Yuelin has been keeping busy by landscaping her backyard and attempting to grow her own lemon tree.

Daniel Linderman - Fundraising Coordinator

Daniel is a fourth-year civil engineering student and our 2020-2021 fundraising coordinator. Daniel has a hard time choosing just one reason to love EIA, but he appreciates the opportunity to work with amazing people and bring real, long-lasting change to places in need. During quarantine, Daniel spent the last month of school living at the Kimberley Alpine Resort. The ski lifts were closed, but that just meant he had all the powder to himself! 

Maggie Harries - Fundraising Lead

Maggie is going into her fourth year of environmental engineering and is our wonderful fundraising lead. She loves being apart of EIA because she has always been interested in global development and feels that the impact EIA can have on a community is extremely valuable. One thing she has been doing during quarantine is trying to master solitaire! She thinks it's lame, but solitaire is everyone's guilty pleasure, right?

Aly Valji - Co-President

 Aly is a fifth-year mechanical engineering student and our 2020-2021 Co-President! Aly loves being apart of EIA because it allows him to have a real impact on people's lives, and make a difference in the world, all while applying his engineering skills. In his spare time, Aly likes to play sports (especially soccer) and spend time outdoors.

Andrea Beattie - Fundraising Coordinator

Andrea is going into her third year of Civil Engineering and is one of the fundraising coordinators for EIA. She loves being apart of EIA because she gets to apply the skills she's learning in school to make a difference in peoples' lives -by building footbridges for communities in need. Something fun Andrea has been doing during quarantine is going kayaking!

Danny Romero- Bridge Corp

Danny has been a part of EIA since January 2019 and has been serving as a bridge corp since then. He joined EIA because he really loves being able to give back to communities that need it, and he believes that society tends to take things for granted when we live in countries with more stability and security. Participating in EIA has shown Danny how important it is to give back not just with charitable monetary donations but by giving your time and hard work. When Danny is not working on structural engineering research for his degree, he's been getting involved in investment real estate properties and preparing for the LSAT. During quarantine, Danny has been prepping for a triathlon which got cancelled due to quarantine (but is back next year).

Gioele Chines- Design Team Executive

Gioele -one of our Design Team Executives- is responsible for the geometric layout, calculations, and cost estimations for the footbridge. He is going into his third year of Civil Engineering Co-Op in 2021, and Gioele loves being part of EIA because it transforms ideas into reality whilst supporting communities in need. During quarantine, he has been working on a wood gazebo-like structure to keep busy! Another interesting project Gioele has been apart of is when he collaborated with another design member to create a downscaled 3D print of the footbridge (which we can't wait to show off once school is back in person)!.

Ryan Costello - Fundraising Lead

In his first year, Ryan began his journey with EIA as a general member, then moved onto the Campus Events team in his second year, and for the 2020-2021 school year, he will be our fundraising lead! During his time with EIA, Ryan also worked as the Safety Manager on the travel team and was one of our 2020 travel team members. What Ryan loves about EIA is that they acknowledge community struggles and work towards change while providing valuable knowledge and experience to students like him.  Ryan is also a third-year civil-environmental engineering student! During quarantine, Ryan has reignited his passion for piano and has been learning some new songs.

Destin Saba - Design Team

He is going into his 4th year of Civil Engineering Co-op and is apart of the design team. Destin joined EIA because he loves working on bridges while also having a worldwide impact on people's lives! Destin loves bridges so much, he even took on an internship with EIA this summer. On top of the internship, Destin has been getting out to the Rocky Mountains almost every week. 

David "Jack" Percy

-  Operations Lead

Jack is a fourth-year in Civil Environmental Engineering and our Operations Lead! One reason he loves being apart of EIA is because of all the accomplishments we have made in the last few years. We have contributed to the completion of three bridges in the past -while being a relatively new chapter. Jack attributes this success to the remarkable leadership in our club and the optimism and determination that radiates from those individuals. During quarantine, Jack has spent many hours going through old photographs and videos he has collected in the past few years. Some of his favourites are the pictures of the locals and masons from the Humapirhua bridge project in 2019.

Grace Li - Design Lead

Grace is in her fourth year of civil engineering and loves being apart of EIA because she gets to use what she learns in school/work to help build better communities. This year, Grace is again apart of the Design Team and the Design Lead. During quarantine, Grace has picked up mountain biking and skateboarding!  

Chelsea Maier - Team Ambassador

Chelsea joined Engineers in Action (EIA) during the final year of her Civil Engineering degree, where she was a Design Lead and Cultural Relations Manager for the University of Alberta’s first solo bridge project in Chavarria, Bolivia. Since graduation she has stayed on as a part of EIA’s Marketing Committee and will be taking on the role of Team Ambassador for the upcoming school year. She loves how EIA allows students to use their design and construction knowledge to positively impact communities in need. During quarantine she has been teaching online dance classes and exploring various hiking trails around the city. 

Mabel Smith- Mentor

Mabel has been involved with EIA for 5 years and was the co-president for the 2019-20 term. Since she has recently graduated, she is continuing her work with EIA as a mentor. Mabel loves being apart of EIA because it has allowed her to learn about the complex field of international development, and she has been able to develop both personally and professionally while working towards a more sustainable future with EIA. During quarantine, Mabel has been knitting up a storm and taking her dog for long walks.

Sarah Wan- Communications Lead

Sarah -a third-year civil engineering student and one of our communication co-leads! Sarah loves being apart of EIA because she enjoys using the skills she's learned in Engineering to help people. During quarantine, Sarah has been keeping busy by learning how to embroider and use watercolour -amongst other artsy activities! 

Mustapha Yassin - Design Team Lead

Mustapha is going into his 3rd year of Civil Engineering Co-op and is one of our Design Team Leads. He loves being involved with EIA because of the exposure to real-world problems that can be solved using information from his degree. It's both an exercise of his problem-solving skills and an opportunity to make a real difference in the world. During quarantine, Mustapha has been learning Arabic to get back in touch with his roots. He is at a grade 5 level right now, but we are quite impressed by the effort he has already made!

Hana Frank - Communications Lead

Hana is going into her third year of Environmental Engineering with a Certificate in Sustainability. She loves being apart of EIA because it allows her to be more involved in our school community, as well as help others. During quarantine, Hana has been rereading all her favourite books and practicing ASL (American Sign Language). 

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