Meet our Team

Rochelle De Omania - Team Ambassador

Hi everyone, my name is Rochelle and I am the Alberta Team Ambassador! I have been involved with EIA since 2016 as a Design Co-Lead, spearheading the design of our very first pedestrian bridge in Chavarria and managing our second project in Humapirhua. I learnt so much and made lifelong friends along the way, that now as an EIT, I am continuing my commitment to alleviate rural isolation by mentoring up and coming bridge builders at the University. Outside of work and EIA, I love (in no particular order) weekend brunches, mentorship, aerial silks, running marathons, and nature hikes with my friends. I always love trying new things, and that is essentially how I found EIA!

Ryan Costello - Safety Manager/ Campus Events Team

Hi, I’m Ryan and I’ll be travelling with the UAlberta Engineers in Action travel team as Safety Manager and I’m a part of our Campus Events Team. I'm currently in my second year of Civil Environmental Engineering and joined our EIA chapter fall of 2018. I started taking a more active role this year when I attended the EIA Bridge Builder Conference. I had the opportunity to learn bridge building skills like surveying, using safety harnesses and managing travel logistics. I’m extremely  grateful I could attend and look forward to a great year ahead.

On a more personal note, I really like chilling out with a book or over a board game with friends or family. My favorite book would have to be Call of the Wild by Jack London and I love Settlers of Catan. Not a fan of the cold but I do go for walks and runs to clear my head. When I feel like staying in, I’ll hit the UofA climbing wall and do some bouldering. This year I’ve also started learning spanish to prepare for my trip to Bolivia this spring with Engineers in Action. 

The main reason I pursued engineering is because I have a passion for putting my engineering knowledge to the test solving real life problems and that’s why I’m very excited to be a part of the UAlberta Engineers in Action team.

Destin Saba - Bridge Design Lead

My name is Destin, I am in my third year of Civil Engineering Co-op. Growing up, I have always enjoyed building things that are both beautiful and impactful, this is responsible for my initial interest in becoming a part of Engineers in Action. Now that I'm here as a bridge design lead, it is the humanitarian impact this club has that is driving me forward.

Sarah Wan - Communications/Outreach Lead

My name is Sarah, and I am in my second year of civil engineering. I am the communications / outreach lead of EIA in charge of our social media, which combines my love for marketing and bridge building! I am very excited for what EIA has planned for this year, and I hope to make a big impact on the communities we are working with. 

Grace Li - Design Lead

Hola everyone, I'm Grace and I am the Design Lead with Engineering in Action University of Alberta Student Chapter. As a civil engineering student, I have a strong interest in building bridges and roads. Being part of EIA gave me the opportunity to learn from my wonderful teammates and together we get to design bridges by ourselves. Growing up in a third world country has helped me to understand the importance of a reliable bridge and how much it means to a community. Therefore, I am passionate about bridge design and hopefully, someday I get to travel with the team!

Yuelin Qiu - Co-President

I am a fourth year Civil Engineering student and a huge foodie and skincare enthusiast. I was part of the 2019 Humapirhua bridge build in Bolivia as safety manager. Being involved with EIA has taught me so much and has really put what I am learning in school into perspective. 

Mabel Smith - Co-President

I am a co-founder and a current co-president of the U of A Engineers in Action chapter. I have had the privilege of co-leading this group both on campus and in the implementation of the U of A’s first two suspended footbridge projects in Bolivia. I have also had the opportunity to intern with the EIA Bridge Program for eight months in 2019. 

Hana Frank - Communications/Outreach Lead 

My name is Hana and I am a second year Environmental Engineering student. I joined EIA in the fall of 2019, and I am responsible for keeping everyone up-to-date with the newsletters as well as keeping the website looking sharp. I joined EIA because I wanted to learn more about the design and implementation of bridges while also providing assistance to deserving communities in underdeveloped areas.  In my free time I enjoy doing yoga, playing rugby, and cuddling my cats. 

Aly Valji - Fundraising Lead

My name is Aly and I am the Fundraising Lead for the University of Alberta Engineers in Action Chapter! I am in my fourth year of mechanical engineering here at the University of Alberta, and have been involved with Engineers in Action since 2016. Outside of school, I enjoy volunteering, travelling, and am an avid sports player and fan!

Maggie Cramb

My name is Maggie Cramb and I am the Quality Control Manager for the University of Alberta’s 2020 travel team and a member of their design team. I am a third year civil engineering student and this is my first year being involved with Engineers in Action. Creativity and outdoor exploration are my main passions. I am happiest when climbing a mountain or creating anything from a painting to a piece of clothing.

David "Jack" Percy - Outreach Lead

My name is Jack and I am the outreach lead for our team, I joined EIA in 2018 and I was fortunate enough to be on the 2019 Humapirhua travel team. On this trip I learned the impact that the work we do has on the communities we help. I love this organization because it allows us to live with and interact with those who we are helping. I have been a supporter of multiple charities in previous years and EIA really stands out because of the dedicated people who are members of it. I am so lucky to be part of the team and I really look forward to what we accomplish in the future!

Pablo Cano - Bridge Corp

Hi! My name is Pablo. I'm a graduate student specializing in structural engineering. I have been involved with Engineers in Action since 2015. In the last couple of years, I have been a Bridge Corp and in my current role, I work with the design team to ensure the bridges are designed safely and efficiently. I was also one of the  Bridge Corps onsite during the construction of the Chavarrias Bridge in 2018. That experience allowed me to experience the immense effect that engineers can have to positively impact the lives of people. 

Maggie Harries

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