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Our Chapter

Founded in 2015, we are a student group at the University of Alberta under the Bridge Program of the international organization Engineers in Action (formerly Bridges to Prosperity). We are an interdisciplinary team with a unified intent to utilize our talents and skills to bring about positive and long-lasting change.

We strive to tackle absolute poverty through one important facet: access. Through foot bridges, we are able to provide individuals access to:

  • survival necessities (i.e. food, clothing, shelter)

  • education

  • employment

  • healthcare

  • efficient transportation

Our focus is to provide assistance in developing nations where infrastructures ​in rural areas and villages are lacking or non-existent. By constructing footbridges, we are able to support individuals reach their goals without having to compromise their safety and well-being.


With the help of Engineers in Action, Bridge Corp members, and our sponsors, we can work alongside local community members in the construction of the bridge. This way, the bridge remains feasible as they are knowledgeable on how to repair and maintain it.


Our long-term goal is to design, fund, and build footbridges in isolated communities. In association with Engineers in Action, we hope to expand our endeavours to more than footbridges. Our parent organization's groundwork involves partnering with Indigenous groups to connect their needs with resources such as water and sanitation systems, hygiene education, agricultural programs, and playgrounds. 

Mission Statement



We strive to provide opportunities not only to individuals of developing countries but also to our fellow University students, as global citizens, with a passion for bringing about a better world.


As youth, it is easy to disregard our own call to help due to our lack of experience. How many times have we used the excuses along the lines of, "I don't know enough," "There are plenty others who can do better than me," or, "I can only do so much?"

In our chapter, we acknowledge this wholeheartedly; moreover, we embrace it. Any commitment by anyone counts. Our executives collaborate to make decisions, recruit new members, and operate the logistics of a bridge project. We consult Bridge Builder Manuals, the Bridge Binder, and any further questions we may have are communicated to our Engineers of Record and Bridge Corp Members.


Through Engineers in Action, we answer our call to help through our own means, and by working together to achieve our common goal.

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