Tag-Along Project 2017 : Chilcani, Bolivia

Our first project involved working with the University of Toronto (UofT) in a Tag-Along Project. We were awarded the project on February 2017, with the goal of sending two members of our team to help a bridge build that will serve 45 local members and 10 students. The bridge spanned approximately 36 m at a 3 700 m altitude. It will provide access for the agricultural community even during rainy seasons when the rivers swell.


Our tasks included:

  • completing our own design calculations to provide a peer review check for the UofT

  • completing the University Training modules

  • holding design meetings with general members

  • fundraising $2 000+ for the UofT's Bronze Project and student travel and living expenses

  • shadowing the Quality Assessment (QC) Manager and Project Manager during the bridge build

Mitch and Georgia spent the month of May in Chilcani as a Project Manager Shadow and QC Manager Shadow.

They worked with B2P masons, Bridge Corp members, and the UofT's travel team in the construction, while also spending time doing leisure activities like playing soccer with the children and hiking.

Both oversaw the full construction of the bridge starting from the excavation to the installation of cables.

Watch the UofT's documented video of their experience in Chilcani!

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